Who We Are

At “Good Times,” our core mission revolves around three fundamental pillars: free education, empowerment, and community access. We are committed to breaking down barriers to education by providing resources and support for all, irrespective of background or circumstance. Through collaborative efforts, we create a community-driven environment where the transformative power of education is harnessed to empower individuals, fostering a sense of purpose and capability.


we recognize the critical importance of clean water in sustaining life and preserving health. At “Good Times,” we are engaged in projects that promote access to clean and safe water sources. By focusing on water infrastructure development, purification initiatives, and hygiene education, we contribute to creating healthier and more resilient communities. Through these concerted efforts, “Good Times” aims to create a positive impact, fostering a world where education, food, and clean water are accessible to all, laying the foundation for a brighter future.

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In addressing the pressing issue of hunger, we actively contribute to the fight against food insecurity. Our initiatives include the distribution of free meals and the promotion of sustainable food practices to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. We believe that access to nutritious meals is a basic human right and a cornerstone for the well-being of individuals and communities.

What We Do


At “Good Times,” our mission is simple but impactful — through “We Find & Fund,” we actively seek and support initiatives dedicated to providing free education, free food, and clean drinking water. By discovering and funding these projects, we aim to make a positive and lasting difference in communities, empowering them to build a brighter future.



At “Good Times,” we understand that positive change is most effective when we work together. Under the banner of “We Build Networks,” we actively forge connections with local communities, NGOs, and partners who share our vision for a better world. By building collaborative networks, we amplify the impact of our initiatives, ensuring that positive change resonates far beyond our initial efforts.

Join us in creating a web of support, where shared goals and collective action pave the way for lasting, meaningful change.


At “Good Times,” our commitment goes beyond support — we actively strive to strengthen the fabric of communities and initiatives. Through targeted efforts and collaboration, we empower individuals to overcome challenges, fortify educational programs, and enhance the resilience of projects dedicated to free education, free food, and clean drinking water. Together, we build a foundation of strength that uplifts those in need and fosters enduring positive change.


At “Good Times,” we believe in the transformative power of education. Under the banner of “We Educate,” we are committed to providing access to quality learning experiences for all. Through innovative programs, scholarships, and community engagement, we strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to shape a brighter future. Join us in our journey to create a world where education is a beacon of hope and opportunity.


At “Good Times,” our mission extends beyond assistance — we are dedicated to providing genuine care to individuals and communities. Under the banner of “We Provide Care,” we offer support that goes beyond the immediate, fostering a sense of community and well-being. Whether through access to nourishing food, clean drinking water, or educational resources, our goal is to create a compassionate space where everyone feels valued and cared for.


At “Good Times,” we go beyond traditional assistance. Under the banner of “We Consult,” we offer expertise and guidance to empower initiatives focused on free education, free food, and clean drinking water. Our collaborative approach involves sharing knowledge, strategies, and best practices, ensuring that projects not only receive support but also benefit from informed decision-making. Together, we navigate the path towards sustainable positive change.

Join our Good Times Initiative – Volunteer for free food, clean water, and education. Experience joy in making a positive impact on lives.